Engine Covers

Spool Up Aviation produce tailored engine covers for various airplane types and variants. Aircraft engine is most expensive and it´s strongly recommended to use covers for protection. Gear box and bearings are not lubricated and unintentional spool can cause damage. Our covers are designed to not only protects engine from FOD, precipitation, dust and ash but also prevent power plant from spinning.

We use top quality vinyl fabric. It´s designed for all weather use in most severe atmospheric conditions. Our aircraft covers are used by our customers in various places. Ranging from Middle East sun to Arctic conditions. We offer 2 years warranty for fabric and threads. Covers last for years even when they are used every day. Dark colors can fade out slightly but covers and plugs can be used same way as they were new.

Some of our engine covers for corporate jets contains hoop. It´s made from top quality spring steel class 11. We provide extra stain protection so hoop will last even longer than fabric and threads. Hoop edges are grinded to avoid unnecessary fabric cuts and damages.

Our aircraft covers are delivered with free carrying bag, anti-skid rug and if desired company logo or airplane registration.

If required we can send you fabric sample free of charge. Don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team on info@spool-up.com.      

Engine Covers