Products Description

Aircraft Covers

Our aircraft covers are made from top quality vinyl fabric. We use sunbrella fabric designed for all weather use. Fabric is durable and can last for years in most severe conditions. Plugs are filled with special foam which can resist high temperatures and covered with same fabric as engine covers. Larger plugs are produced as foldable for better handling in coffined corporate airplanes baggage compartments. Hoops for engine covers are made from top quality spring steel. In fact steel loop can last 2-3 times longer than normal service life of typical corporate jet and allows cover to be tri folded. Covers are designed and tailored to specific airplane type in order to protect critical aircraft parts from water, dust, FOD, ice, snow or volcanic ash. Our plane covers are designed in a way to allow breathing and avoid trapped water between cover and airplane structure. Trapped water can cause damage of today´s modern non-metallic materials.


Our Jet and Turboprop covers are designed to protect engine from spinning. Unlubricated bearings or gearbox can be damaged on unprotected power plants. By spending several hundred of euros operators can save hundreds of thousands on engine shop maintenance. Vast majority of power plant manufacturers recommends using engine covers when ground time over 3 hours is expected. We work closely with aircraft and engine producers as well as with operators, flight crews and MRO´s to improve our products and fulfill our customers needs.


Aircraft covers are delivered with carrying bag. We also provide free company logo or airplane registration and free anti-skid rug for safe over wing installation.   


Cockpit Covers

Spool Up Aviation canopy/cockpit covers are made from special synthetic plastic coated fabric. State-of-the-art technology allows to produce lightweight durable fabric which avoid any scratches of windshields but at the same time providing perfect protection. Our canopy covers protects windshield from severe weather conditions, dust, FOD and jet blast. Cockpit covers are also thanks to special coating designed for sunlight deflection. This not only improve flight deck environmental conditions, but also stretch service life of expensive avionic of today´s corporate jets and turboprops. Aircraft operators can save tens of thousands euros over windshield replacement or polishing by spending just few hundred on our covers.


Pitot Covers

Our pitot tube covers are designed to improve safety. Water, Ice or FOD clogged pitot tube can cause big problems to flight crews. Our pitot covers are designed as waterproof from transparent bright red vinyl synthetic fabric. Our covers are not only protecting tubes from clogging but also improving their transparency. Pitot tubes, AOA and TAT probes are one of most fragile airplane external parts. Improving probes transparency by using bright colored covers can avoid costly repairs. We have wide range of Pitot, AOA and TAT probe covers tailored for your airplane. 


Aircraft Engine Preheaters

Spool Up Aviation airplane engine preheaters are designed as light weight, easy to use and affordable solution to avoid cold engine starts. Engine crank shaft, pistons and pistons rings are sensitive parts during low temperatures. Trapped oil with high viscosity can cause excessive forces on such sensitive parts and lead to unnecessary engine overhaul or even forced landing. We provide easy to use low cost solution for most popular airplane types. Cowling plugs are made from top quality softshell fabric filled with foam. Plugs are shaped to fit exactly into your airplane air inlet. Pre-heating device is designed for quick warm-up time. Under normal conditions whole process is no longer than 10-20 minutes. Check our e-shop for your type or variant availability.