Cockpit Covers

Spool Up Aviation Cockpit covers are always tailored for specific type or variant. Covers are designed as all weather to protect windshields, avionic and cockpit accessories. Flight deck is most vulnerable and most expensive aircraft section. Frequently our customers buy canopy covers after costly experience. Jet blasted concrete or hail stone (our covers protects from hail stones up to 2cm) into windshield can cost over 25,000 € on scratch polishing.


Frost, snow or ice can cause headache to flight crew. Windshield de-icing is not recommended on most of corporate jets and turboprops. Mechanical frost removal from synthetic windshields can scratch and costly repair. Cockpit cover is easy fix.


Cockpit covers are designed as two layer. Otter layer is made from white sunbrella. It provides protection from UV rays and any form of precipitation, frost and mechanical damage. Inner layer is made from soft fabric to protect windshield from scratches.


We offer free company logo or registration mark painted on cockpit covers. All covers are made in white for better UV rays protection.